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Our Founder

"A Visionary Leader"

As a transformational leader that is committed to serving programs and outreach services that transform lives, all of her energy and resources are intentionally developed to serve the disenfranchised.  She is a visionary that is passionate about skillfully carrying out the vision that God has given her to serve humanity.  Her leadership is demonstrated through business branding, professional development training, business leadership training and networking.  She leads with a gentle and caring demeanor and yet is bold enough to make tough decisions.


She Wears Hope is a non-profit humanitarian initiative whose mission is to offer hope to disenfranchised women and children globally by providing programs and services that empower them to thrive physically, mentally, and educationally.

Program Focus

Empowering communities from all angles

Operational Focus:

Grants, Business Partnerships, Retail/Merchandise sells, Philanthropic Capital Campaigns

Who We Are

The She Wears Hope TM  (SWH) concept is a philanthropic campaign developed to bring HOPE to a hurting world!  The organization is divided into three components:

  1. A charitable foundation that provides resources to women and children through partnerships with other global humanitarian organizations.  We serve as a conduit of resources in partnership with other organizations.​

  2. Philanthropic retail and/or merchandising (shoes, books, purses, etc...)

  3. Hope events, conferences, and workshops.

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